5 Ways to Sleep Better While Pregnant

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Try these 5 easy tips for a restful night’s sleep

  1. Extra pillows – Use pillows to support both your tummy and backwoman resting in bed.  A pillow between the legs helps support the lower back and makes it easier to sleep on your side.
  2. Nutrition – Foods high in carbohydrates such as whole grain bread and crackers can promote sleep.  Eat several small meals during the day for a deeper sleep.  Drink a warm glass of milk. Avoid spicy foods and eliminate caffeine.
  3. Relaxation techniques – These techniques include stretching, yoga, massage, and deep breathing to ease muscle tension. Calm a restless mind by visualizing serene places.
  4. Exercise – Regular exercise promotes good physical and mental health.  Exercise can also help you sleep more deeply.  It will strengthen your body and get you in shape for labor and birth.  Check with your doctor before you start any exercise program.
  5. Consistent sleep routine – Keep a regular sleep schedule.  Try lowering the room temperature and “unplugging” before bedtime.  Stay away from any external stimulation such as computers, TV, and cell phones.