American Association of Birth Centers

AABC stands for the "American Association of Birth Centers." It is a national organization of member Birth Centers which offer care for women before, during, and after their pregnancy, labor and birth. AABC is dedicated to Birth Centers which have a high standard and commitment to safe maternity care for women and newborns.

AABC is a resource for Birth Centers, keeping up with the latest studies and research about healthy birthing, and making this information available to its members. The organization encourages leaders and legislators to support the Birth Center concept, by informing them of the benefits for women and how Birth Centers are a vital, strong, and important part of the nation's health care system.

AABC also helps new Birth Centers with getting started and how to best operate and manage themselves. AABC helps existing Birth Centers by providing information to help them serve their communities with a safe, sensitive, and cost effective place for women and their families to birth their children.

AABC works to improve the numbers of healthy babies born in the US while helping to lower health care costs. Birth Centers in AABC are encouraged to continually meet special standards to ensure the best practices are met and maintained.

The Strong Start program is offered exclusively through Birth Centers which are members of AABC.

American Association of Birth Centers
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