What is a Birth Room?

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Birth centers offer birthing mothers a room that often resembles a bedroom in a home or even a suite at a luxury hotel. In this private setting, family members and friends may be present during and following the birth. A birthing room allows a woman to go through the entire birth experience in one comfortable and safe room. The environment is usually low-tech but well equipped and staffed with highly skilled midwives and other support staff.

Women are encouraged to move around, change positions often and be active during labor to help the baby get into the best position for birth so labor progresses normally.
Some equipment that will assist mothers in changing positions and provide comfort during labor and birth are a water tub, birthing balls, birth stools, floor mats, and slings. A bathroom facility including a shower is usually attached to the room.

Below are a few pictures of birth rooms that provide a calm atmosphere to welcome a new baby into the world.