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At Birthways Family Birth Center, our dedicated midwives and staff know that pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy events in a woman’s life. Our compassionate support and care confirms our recognition that childbirth is an intimate experience, and both mother and baby possess innate birthing wisdom. We are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, and friends… as well as being midwives. Every woman has the right to be in control of her pregnancy; we listen compassionately, communicate options, support a new mother's choices and respond to her questions and concerns. We trust in the process of pregnancy and birth.

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At Birthways, we offer the choice of birthing in our center or in your own home, with waterbirth options in both locations. Our intimate birthing rooms are designed to encourage relaxation. Ours is a safe, comfortable, homelike atmosphere, combined with the love, support, care, and compassion of midwives. Birth is a normal process, and we keep all interventions to a minimum when possible.

The way you give birth DOES matter! Each mother, baby, and family is unique and special, as is each birth experience. Let us help you make having a baby a sacred part of life and a positive experience you will remember forever.

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birth room at Birthways Family Birth Center