Charleston Birth Place
9133 Timber Street
North Charleston SC 29406


Charleston Birth Place provides women with obstetrical, family planning, gynecology and primary care in a supportive environment. We respect our clients' privacy, shared decision-making, education, family involvement and regard for the normalcy of pregnancy and birth.

We acknowledge the value of both traditional and alternative forms of health promotion and treatment. A woman's health and medical care is a partnership between her and her health care provider. At Charleston Birth Place, it is our responsibility to provide excellence in a woman's care and education,while being sensitive to her concerns and needs. Her health is also her own responsibility, we expect her to communicate with us and participate in decision-making. We listen to our clients, and treat them and their families with respect, dignity, and assurance of confidentiality.

We believe that pregnancy and birth are physiological processes that should be subject to as little intervention as possible. The process of birth belongs to the domain of normal human activity and requires medical assistance only when disturbances to normal patterns are present. We offer women choices in place of birth, choosing the appropriate level of expertise and technology. Certified nurse midwives (CNM), experts in normal childbearing, work independently and in collaboration with our back-up obstetricians. Together, we are dedicated to taking time to educate, advise and support the childbearing family.

Water births are an option at Charleston Birth Place. Many of our patients choose a water birth because: 

  • May speed up labor
  • Gives mother more feelings of control
  • Provides moderate pain relief
  • Promotes relaxation, conserving maternal energy
  • Enables the mother to assume any position which is comfortable for labor and birth
  • Gives mother a private protected space
  • Is highly rated by mothers – typically stating they would consider giving birth in water again
  • Is highly rated by experienced provider