Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center
7708 4th Street NW
Los Ranchos NM 87107

Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center is a non-profit birth center located in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, and is Albuquerque's Only Natural Birthing Center. We opened our doors on March 24, 2011. Dar a Luz (formerly known as Full Circle Midwifery) is a freestanding women's health care and birthing center staffed by Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs). We have been accredited through the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Center (CABC) since 2011. This means that Dar a Luz adheres to the established national standards of excellence for service and operations as set forth by the CABC specifically for birth centers. Accreditation gives the public and clients a way to measure the quality of a birth center.

Our Mission: Dedicated to providing compassionate and holistic prenatal care, women's health services and a safe alternative to hospital birth for women and their families.

Our Vision: Empowering care for every woman. Midwifery care for every mother.

Our Philosophy: Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center believes:

  • In empowering women.
  • Education is the foundation that is essential to optimal healthcare. We will freely exchange knowledge, offer a variety of educational classes and encourage women to make their own informed decisions about their life including: their healthcare, contraception, childbirth and motherhood.
  • The proper utilization of current research and technology is valuable in providing the best possible care.
  • Birth is a normal, healthy and powerful life event for a woman and her family. The duty of the caregiver is to trust a woman's capability to birth her baby, provide a safe and individualized birthing atmosphere free of unnecessary interventions, and recognize and manage deviations from the normal birth process with appropriate and safe interventions.
  • Breastfeeding is the best option for women and babies. We encourage and support breastfeeding for all infants.
  • Family is defined by the individual. We encourage the participation of family members in a client's healthcare, pregnancy and/or childbirth.
  • Educating the general public about midwifery, natural birth, out-of-hospital birth, breastfeeding and holistic healthcare is worthwhile.
  • In being a learning center for student healthcare providers such as nurses, midwives and physicians, and teaching the art of providing care in a respectful, considerate manner.
  • Striving to be an environmentally conscientious organization, minimizing our environmental impact and encouraging others to do the same.
  • In respecting and honoring all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion/philosophy, sexual orientation, ability, gender expression, socio-economic status or any other personal characteristic.
  • Women have the right to quality healthcare and the unique services offered at a birth center regardless of the ability to pay. We strive to serve underserved populations of women including the uninsured, underinsured and other marginalized peoples through the help of various grants and private donations.
  • Compassionate care for women throughout their lifecycles, especially during childbirth, has a substantial and beneficial effect on the family and therefore society as a whole.