El Rio Birth & Women's Health Center
5979 E Grant Road, #107
Tucson AZ 85712





At El Rio Birth & Women’s Health Center (BWHC), we listen to women. Give birth with a comfortable, family-centered approach with the added security of an attending Certified-Nurse Midwife. We focus on the needs of you and your baby, while creating an environment where you will feel safe, respected, and understood.

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For every one of our patients, we strive to treat the whole person at one place. Our care, passion, and innovation extend  from you and your family to the overall health and well-being of our shared community. El Rio provides complete care for women through every stage of life

Our women’s health clinic offers safe, gentle gynecological care for women of all ages. We specialize in natural childbirth as the only freestanding birth center in Southern Arizona. We believe childbirth can be one of the most creative, exciting times life has to offer. Our professional, certified nurse-midwives provide one-on-one, specialized care. Our clients have a choice to deliver in our unique, homelike birthing rooms or at Tucson Medical Center. Come and experience the personal and attentive care of our midwives, from water births to annual exams, from prenatal education to birth control.  With specialized care by our professional nurse-midwives, you'll experience attentive and personal care in a warm, safe, and secure environment. We welcome you!

Birthing room at El Rio Birth & Women's Health Center