Managing stress, eating right, and getting good support will help you to have a healthier baby. What else can you do?

While pregnant, avoid exposing your developing baby to certain chemicals and toxins that can possibly cause harm while he or she is growing. Remember that anything you breathe or put into your body will go straight to your growing baby.

Some things to avoid are:

  • tobacco use (by smoking or being around second hand smoke)
  • drinking alcohol
  • taking drugs or prescriptions not ordered for you

If you need help quitting smoking or using other harmful substances, ask your midwife. She will get you the help you need.

Also, stay away from harmful chemicals in your house and at work. Some of the most dangerous are pesticides or bug sprays (these are bad for young children too). Use “bug motels” to catch unwanted pests. Don’t use strong cleaning products. It is safer to use "low VOC" paints instead of oil based paints in rooms your baby will use after birth.

If you aren’t sure about a chemical, ask your midwife or don’t use it.