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Holy Family Services was founded in 1983 by Sisters Angela Murdaugh, Mary Thompson, Damien Francois, and Ann Wojtowicz. Sister Angela, a certified Nurse-Midwife, had worked at a community clinic where she had discovered more than 1000 pregnant women in her county lacked prenatal care. She set out to fulfill this void. Over the years, what began as a small clinic is now a model birth center, with six birthing suites, a clinic, a classroom, a chapel, medical storage rooms, and housing for the many resident staff, volunteers, and students. Holy Family has grown and continues to serve families who lack access to health care and those who wish to have an out of hospital birth. These outcomes are a product of the midwife model of care, where childbirth is approached as a normal process rather than an illness. Clients at the Holy Family are not patients, but are women being supported by health professionals to do what comes naturally.

The longest licensed free standing birth center in Texas, Holy Family Services Birth Center is in the heart of the "Rio Grande Valley" north of Weslaco. Our team of dedicated health workers upholds our mission to provide safe and affordable family centered maternity care to families in the Valley. We have dramatically improved the health of women giving birth and their babies, in a place were faith is valued and where people may show their own acts of mercy.

At the Holy Family Birth Center, women are cared for through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood by the same few staff. We offer free pregnancy testing, well women and gynecological care, prenatal care, labor/birth/postpartum care, water birth, support and consultations, and free classes. We practice healthcare so women only need the diagnostic tests that are really necessary, thereby reducing costs and limiting intervention.

The founding sisters have retired, but we continue to be  Along with the revenue we generate from providing care in the clinic and birth center, we rely on the generosities of volunteers and donors. We are thankful to all those who have helped us meet the needs of our community.

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Chapel at Holy Family Services Birth Center