Stress is a normal part of everyday life. Pregnancy can sometimes introduce new worries, concerns, pressures, and feelings. Situations you used to take care of easily may seem overwhelming. Problems that once seemed simple might suddenly be hard to tackle. Schedules you juggled smoothly before may become a confusing mess. Even when everything is going well, you might feel like crying!

When you are pregnant, it is very important to manage your levels of stress. The Strong Start program will help teach you ways to identify and deal with the stressful parts of your life, with the goal of reducing the stress you are feeling.

There are activities you can do to manage or lower your stress. For some people it helps to go for a walk, talk to a friend, play with pets, take deep breaths, or write down thoughts. Others feel relief from stress by exercising or reading or sitting in a quiet place.

Every person is different, and your midwife and peer counselor will help you find the enjoyable actions which help you relax. It's good to work on reducing stress every day. Once you've discovered what works best for you, your Strong Start team will help you find ways to fit 2 or 3 stress lowering activities into your daily life.