Prenatal care includes the things you need to do to be healthy while you are pregnant, before the birth of your baby. This is a time when you should have special healthcare attention and examinations. While pregnant, you also must care for your body in ways which will help your baby grow healthy and strong. Prenatal care in a birth center will be relaxed, with time for you to ask questions. Your visits will be longer than you might have with traditional doctor care, as you meet with midwives and other women trained for pregnancy care. You are one of a kind, and your pregnancy needs are unique, so we will take the time to get to know you. The care you will be given is designed around your specific personal requirements.

As part of the Strong Start program early in your pregnancy, you will meet and be examined by a trained midwife at a birth center. Your midwife will be a person you can rely on. She will provide the best care and information to help your pregnancy turn out well. Your prenatal visits will be a time to check on you and your baby, and make sure you are as healthy as you can be throughout pregnancy. Write down questions so you will remember to ask them during your prenatal visits. You will also be under the care of a woman assigned to you as a "peer counselor." It is her job to give attention to your personal needs in ways which will help you be healthy.

At the birth center, your family is welcome to attend prenatal visits with you. They are your support team and need to get to know about how to help you have a healthy pregnancy. If you need to bring your children to visits, there are toys and books at the birth center to keep them entertained.

If problems come up during your pregnancy, your midwives will be able to order tests to make sure everything goes well. In some cases, you may see a doctor or specialist to take care of problems. In most cases, you can continue care at the birth center. 

Prenatal care will help make sure you are having a healthy pregnancy, and that you know what you need to do to have a healthy baby.