Women's Birth & Wellness Center
930 MLK Jr. Road, Suite 202
Chapel Hill NC 27514

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Birth Room at Women's Birth and Wellness Center
Birth room at Women's Birth and Wellness Center

At Women’s Birth and Wellness Center we look at birth as a natural, normal, healthy and uniquely personal event in the life of a family. Each woman’s preferences and needs are considered, always allowing time for quality care, with dignity and respect. Our birth center is designed for healthy, low risk mothers and healthy babies, with a very relaxed atmosphere.

Babies are delivered into a quiet, gentle environment here, using the least possible medical intervention. Mothers and families stay with their babies and often go home just six hours after giving birth.

Imagine a comfortable room at a nice country inn, and you'll capture the feeling of our birthing rooms. Our low volume of clients, compared with patients in a hospital maternity setting, means more privacy. Since mothers come here for their prenatal care, it's a place with which they are familiar, with a staff who already knows them.

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