Yes! You CAN quit smoking!

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Are you pregnant and a smoker? Trying to decide if it is important to quit?

Think about quitting smoking before or during pregnancy. Smoking is one of the reasons some babies are born preterm which means too early and too small.

Here are some important reasons to quit:

  • Smoking can make you have a miscarriage
  • Smoking can make your baby be born preterm (too early and too small)
  • Smoking can cause problems for your baby later

If you can quit or even cut down, you and your baby will be healthier. If you gain weight when you stop smoking, 10 pounds extra is worth it for a healthier baby. You are more likely to be successful with breastfeeding your baby, and the energy your body uses to make breast milk will help you lose weight after the baby is born.

Make a list of the reasons you want to quit smoking and hang it up in several places where you will see it often. Here are some examples of reasons to quit.  Add your own reasons:

  1. So my baby will be born healthy
  2. Because it is so expensive [one pack a day totals about $2000 a year!]
  3. So I will have healthier skin and lungs
  4. So my home and clothes will smell better

Quit SmokingStep one in quitting is to pick a Quit Date. Here are other tips:

  • Choose a date (maybe a special day, or just next Tuesday, or TODAY)
  • For a few days, write down when you smoke and why you smoke
  • Make a list of the other things you can do instead of smoking, like:
    – Take a walk
    – Do deep breathing
    – Eat a healthy snack
    – Chew gum, eat hard candy, or eat mints
  • Invite others to quit with you
  • In moments of weakness, have a friend you can call for support

Talk to your Strong Start midwife or peer counselor for more help to quit smoking. Learn more about how to qualify for the AABC Strong Start program.